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Thousands flee homes as Myanmar Army brazenly conducts the clearance operations targeting civilians

Thousands flee homes as Myanmar Army brazenly conducts the clearance operations targeting civilians in Arakan

The current situation and battle news in Arakan from 1 to 5 July 2020

Myanmar Army has been conducting the clearance operations together with massive offensive assaults by supporting heavy artillery fire in accordance with their announcement after they have officially declared to wipe out villages along the Kyauk-Tan village tract in Rathedaung township of Arakan on 24 June 2020.

After some members of the international community have expressed serious concerns over these Myanmar state-sponsored terrorist attacks against civilians of Arakan, the Myanmar Army has claimed that the declaration of the clearance operations has been revoked. Nevertheless, their offensive assaults under the banner of the clearance operations have still continued in reality on the ground.

Therefore, initially over 10,000 villagers from more than 10 villages in Rathedaung and Mrauk-U townships have been displaced due to a well-founded fear of killing, terrorizing, and rape committed by the Myanmar troops. In fact, the villagers are not fleeing their homes to avoid being caught in the fighting.

The Myanmar Army has been brazenly committing war crimes including encampment in the villages, killing innocent civilians based on racial hatred, torture and arrest, looting and destroying the property of villagers, arson of villages, and gang rapes across the Arakan.

The Burmese regime and its military have been intentionally conducting their genocide and ethnic cleansing campaign targeting all peoples in Arakan on the pretext of the clearance operations. Indeed, their clearance operations literally means “a scorched-earth campaign against civilians and villages”.

From 1 to 5 July 2020, no heavy battles were broken out but sporadic fighting continued in Paletwa and Rathedaung townships.

In particular, the Burmese invading war criminals army has been launching their offensive attacks with massive forces against our troops in the South of Aung Tharsi village in Rathedaung township for 10 days long from 26 June 2020 till 5 July 2020 today.

Nevertheless, the enemy Bamar(Burma) war criminals were only capable of firing artillery without forwarding due to the fact that our Arrakha soldiers were able to defend their assaults very well.

In this month of July, clashes were broken out for 5 times in some areas of Paletwa township.


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