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Statement in condemnation of the heinous acts committed by Myanmar Army amid the prevention of COVID

24 April 2020

Our Three-Brotherhood Alliance had already extended a month-long unilateral ceasefire from April 1, 2020 till April 30, 2020 with the aim to sustain the stability of the China-Myanmar border, to take effective measures for the prevention and combating of the COVID-19 and to facilitate the work of peace-building process in Myanmar.

Despite the fact that we did not launch any offensive attacks during the ceasefire declaration, it has become apparent that the Myanmar armed forces have continued their offensive assaults in Arakan and Chin states to have brazenly committed war crimes such as waging a systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing, bombing and shelling villages, and torching villages. In addition, the Myanmar Army has deliberately blocked humanitarian aid from international and national agencies in order to imperil civilian life to be unsustainable.

Four villages were burned down and over 40 civilians have already been killed in the month of April 2020; however, the Myanmar Army has continued their state-terrorist acts in killing civilians on a daily basis, launching aerial bombardments and artillery fire without any battles in the area, terrorizing local residents and blaming their war crimes on other organizations. Taking our ethical considerations in protecting civilian life and sustainability as an opportunity, the Myanmar Army has been committing war crimes in various ways such as artillery shelling and machine-guns shooting into the villages.

It can be seen that the Myanmar Army has been intentionally conducting political assassinations to misconceive and slander our revolutionary organizations amid the prevention of COVID-19, in which the Myanmar Army attacked a WHO car with two staffs bringing Coronavirus surveillance samples and accused the ULA/AA of that incident in Minbya township of Arakan on 20 April 2020 and the Myanmar armed forces together with their local militia have carried out attacks and explosions in several locations of Muse in order to destabilize the Northern Shan state along the China-Myanmar border on 23 April 2020.

Therefore, we exhort international community and civilized nations to strongly condemn the heinous acts and political assaults committed by the Myanmar Army. We condemn these horrendous acts of the Myanmar Army in the strongest possible terms.

Three-Brotherhood Alliance



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