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Advance Notice and Emergency Announcement Regarding Maungdaw Township

Advance Notice and Emergency Announcement Regarding Maungdaw Township


June 16, 2024


The Arakan Army has completely seized nearly all the SAC’s military camps in Maungdaw Township, located near the Bay of Bengal. Surrounding and cutting off the remaining SAC’s camps in and around Maungdaw Township have also been accomplished.


The SAC force has long been using Maungdaw Township as a base for military operations and has prepared extensively for urban warfare. As further assaults on these remaining camps are imminent, residents of Maungdaw Township are urged to avoid staying in areas such as roads and houses from which the SAC forces have fortified positions, the locations which could be targeted by the snipers from top of the buildings, and any place where the SAC forces are present.


Due to concerns for the safety of the residents of Maungdaw, the United League of Arakan/Arakan Army urgently advises all residents to evacuate Maungdaw  immediately, starting from 9 PM on June 16, 2024.


United League of Arakan




DISCLAIMER: The English version of this statement serves as a translation of the original Burmese text for informational purposes only. In case of any discrepancies, the Burmese original shall prevail.


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AA Chief .where they will go Rohingya public .AA chief should be help MDW public .international should be observe MDW Case. AA are planning to take out All Rohingya from mdw town .its pre planning .

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