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December 25, 2023


The military forces of the State Administration Council (SAC) and the Ethnic Revolutionary Organizations (ERO) having been engaging in daily armed confrontations. Following the 1027 operation, the illegitimate State Administration Council (SAC) has been facing significant military, political, and diplomatic challenges and while the chance of being defeated mounted, it has been intentionally launching assaults on civilian targets comprising of villages, towns, and cities. These attacks include various methods such as bombardment, artillery shots, and airstrikes. Furthermore, deliberate destructions of pagodas, temples and historical heritage sites have been committed by using the heavy artillery and light arms firing.


At 5:00 AM on December 25, 2023, the Infantry Battalion 540, Infantry Battalion 377, Infantry Battalion 378 which are under the command of SAC Military Operation Command (MOC) 9 and No (31) Police Forces, stationed in Mrauk-U, have deliberately targeted the Archaeological Research Museum, Monastery, and other religious structures in Mrauk-U City. The city, which is under the proposal for UNESCO World Heritage status as it boasts numerous heritage sites, has suffered extensive harm in the recent deliberate attacks by the SAC forces. This assault has led to the destructions of priceless historical and cultural artefacts in Archaeological Museum which are recognized not only as Rakhine Heritage but also as prospective World Heritage. Additionally, the deployment of heavy weaponry has inflicted damage to the three monasteries, and the devastation has extended to residential areas causing casualties among civilians and serious injuries also.


We vehemently assert that the Fascist State Administration Council (SAC) must be fully aware that our community will never forget these actions perpetrated by SAC which include the repeated commission of Crimes Against Humanity and various war crimes, notably the intentional destruction of one’s historical and cultural heritages. We solemnly declare that we, ULA/AA, will take the most effective retaliatory measures against the SAC for its deliberate and vicious destruction of our heritage sites and historical artefacts.


United League of Arakan (ULA)


DISCLAIMER: The English version is a translation of the original in Burmese for information purposes only. In case of a discrepancy, the Burmese original will prevail.



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