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Some civilians were injured and killed due to the fire by Myanmar Army

Some civilians were injured and killed due to the fire by the 80th Light Infantry Battalion under the command of Division 66 based on racial hatred into the villages of Dar-Lat Chaung in Ann Township without any fighting

27 June 2020

The battalions under the command of Division 66 of colonial invading Myanmar Army have been intentionally firing heavy weapons into the villages in Ann Township at day and night without any battle and brazenly committing war crimes.

The whole villagers from some villages are displacing due to the shells explosion into the villages by the Myanmar Army.

At about 7 pm on 26 June 2020, the LIB 80 under the command of Division 66 of war criminal Myanmar Army fortified encampment at the hilltop, 900 meters away from north-east of Nat-Maw village in Ann Township deliberately fired artillery into Nat-Maw village with racial hatred.

Such firing the heavy weapons of the LIB 80, U Ba Maung, 65-year-old, and U Nyunt Aye, 49-year-old from Nat-Maw village were killed on the spot by the shells of Myanmar Army.

In addition, U Chit Tin, 55-year-old and Ma Hla Hla Nwe, 36-year-old and Ma Thu Zar Nyein, 1 year and 8 months were injured by the pieces of shell.

The villagers from about 20 villages became Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) because of threatening, their Four-Cuts-Campaign and blindly firing aerial bombardments, battleship, and artillery base of Myanmar Army.

Besides, in other townships, civilians injured and killed by firing the heavy weapon of the Myanmar Army and the victim numbers are still increasing.

On the other hand, the clashes are still intensifying during these days as the Myanmar Army has been accelerating their military operation in every area.

Despite we do not want any fighting, as the Myanmar Army is continuously accelerating such as massive offensive assaults, we are going to retaliate them by self-defense attacks.


Arakan Army



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