Battle news and situations in Arakan during the days of 24, 25, 26, 27, and 28 July 2020

Battle news and situations in Arakan during the days of 24, 25, 26, 27, and 28 July 2020

28 July 2020

During the fourth week of July 2020, there were daily clashes in Arakan and Paletwa regions. In particular, the enemy was firing indiscriminately into everywhere with heavy artilleries. As a result of the artillery shelling, some innocent civilians in Ann Township got injured.

Starting from 16 July 2020, Myanmar Army has been launching massive offensive assaults with heavy artillery, aerial bombardment, and excessive force against troops of the Arakan Army in the environs of Aung-Thar-Si (Aung-Thar-Zay) in Rathedaung Township of Arakan under the banner of "Clearance Operations". However, the enemy suffered heavy casualties in a week of their offensive operations. Therefore, they did not conduct the offensive attacks from the ground but fired from a distance with heavy artilleries.

At the same time, the Myanmar Army has been constantly carrying out heavy artillery attacks in Paletwa and Ann Townships.

The Myanmar Army has been continually conducting their campaign of torture, massacre, detention, and threat targeting innocent civilians, without launching any offensive in Kyaukpyu, Ramree, Toungup, Myebon, and Ann Townships.

We will retaliate against the troops and battalions of the Myanmar Army that are intentionally killing and threatening local inhabitants and those who jointly involved in its military operations.

During this week's battles, military equipment, some ammunition, and some casualties from the enemy have been seized again. Some of our Arrakha soldiers and heroes bravely sacrificed their lives for the fatherland of Arakan and their fellow people from our side.

Although we have been refraining from fighting not to break out, such clashes were intensively accelerated because the Myanmar Army has been continuously launching the massive offensive attacks everywhere in Arakan. Since the Myanmar Army has been constantly sending major reinforcement and preparing to launch the massive offensive assaults, the fightings are highly likely to intensify in the coming days.

The clashes broke out between the Myanmar Army and the Arakan Army (AA) in the places as shown below;

(1) Nearby the Yangon-Sittwe highway road at the south-east of Kazukaing village, Ann township in Arakan at 8:25 am on 24 July 2020

(2) On the Yangon-Sittwe highway road between Min-Ywa village and Khwa-Sone village in Minbya township, Arakan at 9:23 am on 26 July 2020

(3) At a distance of 1.6 kilometers away from the west of Ta-Ra-Gu village in Buthedaung township, Arakan at 6:36 am on 27 July 2020

(4) Between Khaung-Laung (old village) and Kan-Ywa village in Minbya Township, Arakan at 1:08 pm on 27 July 2020

(5) At the environs of hilltop Point (825) in Paletwa Township at 3:20 pm on 27 July 2020

(6) At the environs of hilltop Point (982) in Paletwa Township at 8:42 am on 28 July 2020


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