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Explanation about the recently released videos

Explanation about the recently released videos that include the confession on setting fire to the paddy rice straws from Kanda Muslim Village, Po Khaung Chaung Village Tract, Buthedaung Township

June 30, 2022

There was a case of setting fire on purpose to the paddy rice straws of Morjubi and Mamauk from Kanda Muslim Village, Po Khaung Chaung Village Tract, Buthedaung Township, State of Arakan at 7:45 PM, December 21, 2021. The Arakan People’s Authority had been able to find out the true culprits timely after investigating the case.

Despite knowing the real nature of the case after the investigation, our government did not disclose the evidence and kept it confidentially at that time because we were concerned that it could lead to the ethnic and religious tensions under the exaggeration and manipulation of some people and organizations and wanted a small issue not to be a bigger one. We, therefore, just arrested and imprisoned some perpetrators in line with the existing law.

The repetitive questionaries toward our organization about this case confessed by the culprits in the videos have been reported in these days. Besides, since there are partial and dishonest accusations against our organization and endeavors to mobilize the people for bad purposes and efforts to cover the crimes of real culprits by blaming others on this case, our organization has now decided to release timely these confidential pieces of evidence so that the public know about the real contexts of the case.

As there were some instances attempting to cover the truths and destroy the evidences behind the cases and events that happened in Arakan while misusing Human Rights politics by some groups of people, our organization has already sent the records, reports, and pieces of evidence about this case to the International Organizations, Embassies, and other suitable actors since the January of this year, 2022.

After investigating this case thoroughly, it is evidently found that some people who are working with the international organizations for the sake of Human Rights are also deliberately pouring gasoline on the fire while systematically creating ethnic and religious conflict and instability in the region.

Therefore, our organization must disclose this case unavoidably due to a situation in which some groups of people using the International Organizations under the banner of Human Rights are now consistently trying to destabilize peace and order in the region intentionally.

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United League of Arakan (ULA)



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