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Battle News in Arakan on 14 October 2020

On 14 October 2020, the Myanmar Army (aka) the forces of the Burmese racists-fascists-brigands invaders have constantly and speedily been launching massive offensive assaults with excessive forces of heavy artilleries attack, including fighter jets, to the environs of Aung Thar Zay (Aung Tha Ze) in Rathedaung Township of Arakan where were attacked by a sea-land-air joint operation since yesterday.

Therefore, in addition to the fighting has been continuing and the enemy has been preparing for a more aggressive offensive by sending major reinforcement and ammunition to that environs.

A military unit under the command of the 66th Division of the Myanmar Army stationing in the mountain range at the north of Shan Gone village, Dalet Chaung in Ann Township, has blindly been firing heavy artilleries for months-long.

From 12:40 pm to over 2:00 pm on 14 October 2020, due to the fact that artillery shells fired from the post of the Myanmar Army exploded into Nyaung Hkyay Htout village and some houses were burnt down. No villagers were injured in that explosion because they were in the IDPs camp. On 13 October 2020, when a battalion under the command of the 66th Division of the Myanmar Army fired the heavy weapon, an innocent civilian from Nang Chaung village, Dalet Chaung tracts in Ann Township was hit and wounded at about 2:30 pm while he was at home.

The Myanmar Army has inhumanely been killing the innocent civilians by the use of heavy artillery attacks and branzely committing war crimes.


Arakan Army


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Min Soe
Min Soe
15 oct. 2020

go ahead to get of our nationtional land

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