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statement of the strongest condemnation on the henious act of the myanmar Army

Statement of the strongest condemnation on the heinous act of the Myanmar Army’s targeted attack against civilians Date : 14.3.2020

Myanmar Army is brazenly committing war crimes and grudgingly waging their race war against civilians of Arakan because they are not only losing battles against the Arakan Army but also suffering heavy losses day by day in Arakan.
The Myanmar Army has horrendously continued their land, navy and air offensive assaults against the oppressed peoples in Arakan. With multiple rocket launchers (MRLs), artillery and other machine guns in support of a reinforced infantry presence across the Arakan, the Myanmar Army has been attacking villages, civilians and public hospital (Hospital of Tein Nyo Track in Mrauk-U township), schools (Primary school of Kha-Mwe-Chaung village and Primary school of Tha-Mee-Hla old village), religious compound (Mahamuni Pagoda in Kyauk-Taw), Monastery (Tha-Mee-Hla old village), especially targeting Rakhaing villages and torching civilian houses in the villages (Mahamuni village, Tha-Mee-Hla old village, Myaung-Bway village, Kyauk-Tan village, Pyaing-Tine village, Phar-Pyro village, and Thar Si village) on the ground operations. With increased airstrikes in the use of military helicopters and fighter jets, the Myanmar Air Force has been attacking villages (Pyaing-Tine village, Pwee Wone village, Mee-wa village and Mont-Than-Pyin village). The Myanmar Navy Special Force has also been shelling villages along the river bank from military navies and ships in Arakan.
After widespread internet blackouts have been reimposed in Arakan and Chin states since early 2020, it has been seen that the Myanmar Army has continually committed fresh war crimes. To date, the Myanmar Army has burnt down more than 100 villages. We strongly condemn the attacks of the Myanmar Army with artillery and other machine guns and regard it as the most heinous act that indiscriminately fired and shelled villages along the river bank in Marm-Brya, Mrauk-U and Kyauk-Taw townships starting at 6 am on 13 March 2020. The oppressed peoples of Arakan will never forget this barbaric and inhumane attack of the Myanmar Army against civilians of Arakan in their hearts.
The United League of Arakan/ Arakan Army (ULA/AA) will impart again the documents and records of war crimes committed by the Myanmar Army in Arakan to international organizations. The general public of Arakan, who are suffering the greatest oppression and human rights violations under the atrocities of the Myanmar Army, are also urged to continue their struggle for humanity and justice without any fear of reprisals against the Burmese war criminals in revealing the truths and real facts. The Arakan Army condemns, in the strongest possible terms, the Myanmar Army’s barbaric and inhumane murdering civilians of Arakan and will take immediate retaliation against the troops and battalions that have committed war crimes and serious human rights violations.
On behalf of the general public of Arakan, we implore international organizations to take concerted actions and to effectively prevent the Myanmar Army’s systemic and targeted attack against civilians, killing of civilians and committing the worst war crimes with racial hatred in Arakan.

United League of Arakan/Arakan Army

statement of the strongest condemnation on the henious act of the myanmar Army
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