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Battle News in Arakan on 1 May 2020

Date-1 May 2020
Heavy fighting broke out even in International Workers’ Day on 1 May 2020 that the Burmese racists and war criminals army did not halt their offensive assaults. Although Arakan Army does not want to engage in combat during the Covid-19 pandemic, inevitable clashes are occurring as Myanmar Army is stepping up their offensive attacks.
On 1 May 2020, the Myanmar Army started artillery shelling at 8:00 am to our troops in the mountain range north-west of Roke-wa village, Paletwa. After that, they launched ground attack with artillery fire support at 14:30 pm. Nevertheless, the ground fighting was stopped after half hour because the enemy troops retreated but they continued artillery shelling from a distance.
At 11:00 am, based on racial hatred (Bamar racism) the Myanmar Army deliberately conducted artillery firing into Pa-Louk-Taung quarter of Paletwa. The majority of residents in this Pa-Louk-Taung quarter are Rakhine people. There were no clashes in the area and this quarter is not connected to any battlefields. The artillery fire was launched by the Paletwa base No.289 Light Infantry Battalion of the Myanmar Army. This artillery fire destroyed some civilian homes. We will retaliate against the enemy battalions that have committed war crimes and are threatening life and property of the people.Some fighter jets launched aerial bombardments on the ridge of the Northern Sa-Nyin village in Myebon township, started at 15:03 pm for 20 minutes on 1 May 2020. In a same way, some military helicopters came and attacked there started at 15:23 pm for 15 minutes without any clashes. Battle news will be updated if clashes break out in other areas.We will take our defensive action as required by the ground mobility of the Myanmar Army.

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Battle News in Arakan on 1 May 2020
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