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Warning Message to some Myanmar police force(3/2019)

Warning Message to some Myanmar Police Force(3/2019)

We believe the Burmese police force has to observe 10 main codes of conducts including protection of the properties of the people, giving service to the general public and maintaining law and order.

However, some policemen have abused their power to oppress the general public while there are still some good and dutiful policemen. For those who abuse the power, We want to make it known that they should cease all their unlawful and oppressive activities.

In the morning at 7 am, on 3 January 2019, the Burmese Army Forces in full military uniforms entered the Rekaungchaung village at Rethedaung Township in Arakan, but at 9 AM, they changed their military uniforms to Border Guard Police ( Border Guard Police Force) uniforms before going door to inspect the whole village. We believe this act is a deceitful act with an intention to complicate the already complex situation.

Moreover, during night times, the Burmese army in collaboration with the police force is inspecting the villages under the heading of clearance. The Burmese army has been transporting troops in police uniforms in board daylight. Therefore, we want to make it known that the police force must confine themselves to the police job. We urge the police force to steer away from the battlegrounds, shifting their attention to protection of the civilians. At the same tim, for those police who cooperate with the Burmese army and the Burmese army that wears the police uniform, we would take them all as our opponents and will fight our defensive wars against them.



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