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Warning issued to the local paramilitary forces

Warning issued to the local paramilitary forces

The civil war between the Three Brotherly Northern Alliance members and the Myanmar Tatmadaw(Myanmar Army) has gained momentum. Due to intensified war and its resultant upsurge in military casualty the Tatmadaw troops have been found to put on the paramilitary uniforms and their badges to disguise their real indentity in the operational areas.

In the Northern Shan states, the Tatmadaw (Myanmar Army) troops have used the local paramilitary paraphernalia and participated in operations against our brotherly alliance members.

In the operational areas the members of the Myanmar Tatmadaw (Myanmar Army), and especially the police and those in the uniforms of the paramilitary forces will be considered as ancillary military forces on action duty and will duly be taken care of for the sake of our self-defence.

As such the local paramilitary forces are urged and warned not to participate in the military operations with the Tatmadaw members and remain with your families in your own quarters.

It is for your kind information that those paramilitary forces active in tandem with the Myanmar military in the operational areas will be considered same as the forces on action duty and will be treated in kind.



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