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Established on April 10, 2009 Arakan Army led by Arakan’s younger generations, has become one of the most credibility army forces in Burma fighting for self-determination, national equality, justice and freedom. In solidarity with all ethnic people who have been struggling in Burma and with the Arakanese around the globe in particular, we pursue our mission with excellence, compassion and modesty to protect our fatherland. Profoundly guided by inspirations of our faith, value, legacy and true vision that unite us as a people—we are committed to meet the tests of history; it defines our destiny. The land of Arakan belongs to the people of Arakan. To protect our ancestral land is the price of our freedom. No one should be denied the right to determine their own destiny, to be free of oppression—because freedom of expression is universal aspiration of humanity.

Our mission is as follows:

Like perseverance that constitutes our core competence we the Arakan army keep our feet firmly on the ground while steadfastly pursuing our vision as a global cooperation to build a future worthy of our pledge and sacrifice. From glorious achievement of past rises our aspiration for global future: aspiration backed by our spirit, creativity, optimism and determination to work as a family and team to safeguard to the fatherland. For inspiration, we look to our brave Arakanese especially for those who are scarifying their lives in defense of the fatherland whose noble service reminds us of our mission as a nation—to build a future worthy of their sacrifice.

Lives of great Arakanese heroes who once glorified our ancestral land remind us that we can make our lives sublime and meaningful departing behind us footprints on the sands of time. These great Arakanese heroes were courageously and prominently defending to our country’s legacy of freedom and values we always cherish. The life of each and every one of them is precious to our nation. And each life given in the name of liberty is a life that has not been lost in vain but in honor the good souls whose memories are a blessing to path of our liberation.

History has witnessed to the characters of the people of Arakan who have shown strong and steadfast spirit what kinds of Arakanese are at toughness time. They have been partners in great enterprise sharing foremost responsibilities in protecting Arakan’s legacy of freedom. Throughout history, the brave Arakanese heroes have served our ancestral land and with selfless dedication and greater determination. They were standing firm against our enemies and those who sought to destroy our way of life and crushed our ideals as well as our heritages. We are sure that we all Arakanese agree that we owe a great debt of gratitude to those who sacrificed their lives so that we can enjoy the freedom.

Unity is the priority of priorities to Arakanese. Our greatest responsibility today is to prove our courage of unity refusing to live under the brutal and repressive dictatorship that had been destroyed lives and resources of our land. It’s our nation’s right to live in freedom, democracy and a good decent life. We the Arakan Army decisively hold the vision on uniting path of freedom and–we will pay price for the best of tomorrows.

The Arakan army firmly believed that we have the will and wisdom to apply ourselves in exciting tests of rebuilding our society and prosperous future . We must have the courage to celebrate the victory a day. The Arakan Army invites all Arakanese to join in our national struggle to accomplish our long desired mission we are in; to bind up nation’s wounds; to make the promise of our founding fathers come true.


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Bon appétit
Bon appétit
May 31, 2020

I salute to AA

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