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Statement on the detention of the paletwa township electoral seat no.11 u hawi tin

Statement on the detention of the Paletwa Township Electoral Seat No.11 MP U Hawi Tin

The ULA has been striving for realizing the common military, political goals of the Brotherhood, freedom of the people from the oppression of the military dictatorship, national equality, self-determination, reparation of the national losses, and the building up of the way of Rakkhita, with the support of the entire population of Arakan, befitting a revolutionary liberation organization.

In one of the areas where the ultranationalist Myanmar Army and the Arakan Army have been engaged in armed action, along the Kaladan River, the AA members stopped two speedboats at 10 am on the 3rd November 2019 for routine check-up. Ten of those called for inspection and interrogation were stopped temporarily for about a day. At 5:45 AM in the morning of the following day, all of them were freed and allowed to travel except Mr.U Hawi Tin.

The ULA/AA has been defending the onslaughts by the Myanmar Army facing daily difficulties and challenges. In such a situation, to discredit and put international pressure on us, the Myanmar Army have resorted to all sorts of false and fabricated military, political and media campaigns against us, and raising military media campaigns to belittle our efforts. The Myanmar Army troops have been engaged in covering up their committed war crimes in the Paletwa area besides carrying out false campaigns the AA, with active help from U Hawi Tin and many other, which we have found concrete evidence after investigation.

We have detained U Hawi Tin as an individual irrespective of race, religious and occupation that this person has been collaborating with the Myanmar Army in the campaigns against the AA and all civilians in the area. The campaigns the Myanmar Army have been implementing against the AA have included spread of racial hatred and hate speech among the Arakanese, Khamee, Mro, Thet, Lin Krae and other ethnics with a military tactics to discredit and isolate the AA, and also take oppressive measures against all civilians in Arakan. We affirm our stand like this and will continue to do so during our period of struggle onwards.

United League of Arakan/Arakan Army



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