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Statement of Solidarity

United League of Arakan (ULA)

February 20, 2022

Statement of Solidarity

The upcoming February 21, 2022, is the 23rd anniversary of “International Mother Language Day” recognized by the UNESCO in 1999. This is also the occasion for us to commemorate the diversity of languages and cultures that our “Mother World” has embraced. We, the ULA/AA, herewith would like to congratulate all people of the world on their mother tongue languages.

For our natural neighbor, the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, this day marks as the great juncture for becoming the ‘Shaheed Day (Language Martyrs Day)’ and we pay our deep homage to those language-martyrs namely Salam, Barkat, Rafiq, Jabbar, Shafiur and other heroes who sacrificed their lives for the cause of their mother tongue Bangla. Under the charismatic leadership of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Founding Father of Bangladesh, the people of Bangladesh were able to achieve their priceless and invaluable sovereignty and independence in 1971 which, we believe, is also the primal foundation for maintaining the political and cultural identity of a nation.

Our forefathers from the lands of Bengal and Arakan strove to have their respective civilizations thrive on the banks of the Bay of Bengal and of the Naf river. They constitute the natural bond between the people and regions of Bangladesh and Arakan. We deeply regard that both our societies are historically and culturally interlinked. The Arakanese community is a part of the Bengali nation, and in the same way the Bengali community is a part of our Arakan nation. Since both territories are comprised of our brothers and sisters, we firmly believe that it is our responsibility to serve both our people for the best.

Sending this statement of solidarity on this day on behalf of the Arakan people is an honor for us. We profoundly believe that the restitution of Arakan sovereignty to our people is the ultimate aim of our national liberation movement and the right to mother tongue language is also a part of that. We desire to bolster a better future between our nations and regions in terms of military, political, economic, cultural and diplomatic relations. “Good Neighbor Shall be Good Friend”. May Bangladesh Live Forever!

Central Executive Committee

United League of Arakan (ULA)



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