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United League of Arakan


March 24, 2024

No. (7/2024)



The fascist military regime with the coup has been encountering military, political and diplomatic crises in various forms and the country of Myanmar has reached the worst possible situation in all aspects since 1948. Suffering the loss of myriad military bases on a daily basis, the fascist regime has been committing the most heinous acts of terrorism deliberately targeting civilians, purposely bombing towns and villages, destroying civilian infrastructures and properties such as homes, schools, hospitals, and historic and religious monuments amounting to war crimes and crimes against humanity, resulting in the loss of lives and personal injuries. And the number of casualties is mounting day by day.


It has been clearly observed that the terrorist regime has been making an all-out effort to foment social and religious conflicts these days with the intention of distracting public attention from its devastating defeats in the battlefields.


On March 19, Buthidaung-based Military Operations Command 15 (SaKaKha-15) organized a demonstration with the intention of inciting ethnic conflict and they are trying to stage a similar demonstration in Maungdaw, it is learnt.


Therefore, we earnestly urge all citizens of Arakan not to play into the hands of the public enemy, the fascist regime and live by political awareness and the lessons learned from the past as well as closely watch the steps of the diabolical military council.


Since the military council has activated the conscription law and is forcibly drafting people from all ethnicities, it was found that Bengali people from Rakhine were included in the forcible conscription and used in the battles in Rathedaung township last week. Meanwhile, Arakan Army and the military council are continuing to engage in intense fighting, and any organization or individual fighting with the terrorist regime will be treated as a member of the terrorist organization aka SAC and be attacked. Furthermore, it must be noted that our steadfast position that “there shall be no armed organizations except Arakan Army in Arakan” remains in place.


Whilst Arakan Army is trying to capture all the remaining camps of the terrorist council (SAC) which have not surrendered yet, Arakkha People Revolutionary Government is doing its best to provide public services in the areas that we have captured such as security, stability, health and socio-economic development.


Arakkha People Revolutionary Government would appreciate and welcome all foreign investments that we deem to benefit Arakan and its development, and vow to safeguard their projects and operations as well as security and safety of their personnel. By the same token, we would like to invite foreign investors to cooperate with us to ensure the smooth continuation of their operations.


Above all, we would like to reiterate our position that we will always stand as an institution that supports and contributes to the regional security, stability and peaceful development in the future.


Finally, we would like to state that the ULA/AA firmly stands as the best friends and brothers of all ethnic groups, always respectfully supporting the political aspirations and visions expressed by the people of Myanmar.


United League of Arakan



DISCLAIMER: The English version of this statement serves as a translation of the original Burmese text for informational purposes only. In case of any discrepancies, the Burmese original shall prevail.



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