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Statement Condemning Artillery Shelling and War Crimes in Sittwe's Korean Port Market


February 29, 2024


We deeply mourn the tragic loss of innocent civilian lives and the injuries sustained in the artillery shelling conducted by the navy warship of the terrorist State Administration Council (SAC) in Sittwe's Korean port market on February 29, 2024. This deliberate act resulted in the untimely death of twelve civilians, while 31 individuals suffered critical injuries, and 50 others experienced varying degrees of mild to minor injuries, leading to a total of over 80 casualties.


This appalling incident highlights the SAC's flagrant disregard for human life and their willingness to commit war crimes. It is particularly disturbing that they targeted a crowded marketplace in Sittwe, despite the absence of active hostilities in the area.


The ULA/AA strongly condemns these war crimes and demands that the SAC be held accountable for their actions. We have initiated investigations to identify and bring justice to those responsible for this heinous atrocity in Arakan. It is important to note that this incident is not an isolated event, as we will soon disclose information about other war crimes committed by SAC members, including the execution of seven innocent civilians in Mrauk-U.


Speaking on behalf of the people of Arakan, we urgently call upon the international community and neighboring nations to denounce and discourage the SAC from perpetrating further massacres and severe war crimes. We also urge all relevant bodies to closely monitor the SAC's efforts to incite communal violence and target civilians based on ethnic animosity. These actions stem from the SAC's inability to accept their losses and their abysmal desire to regain control over strategic towns and districts in Arakan.


Given the SAC's relentless attacks on civilian areas, including towns, villages, residences, markets, schools, clinics, and hospitals, we implore the people of Arakan to exercise utmost caution and vigilance in their daily activities.


The United League of Arakan remains committed to seeking justice for the victims and ensuring that the SAC's atrocities do not go unnoticed or unpunished.


United League of Arakan



DISCLAIMER: The English version of this statement serves as a translation of the original Burmese text for informational purposes only. In case of any discrepancies, the Burmese original shall prevail.



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