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July 14, 2023

Today is the day which has been two months after since Cyclone Mocha has struck. On May 14, 2023, ULA formed Cyclone Mocha ERRCA committee with the aim of carrying out emergency and rescue activities in the townships across Rakhine where the cyclone has passed as its centre and devastated mostly. By utilising the human resources and financial ones both from our political, administrative, civilian and military departments of the organisation, and from the domestic and international communities, we are able to manage and perform the relief work successfully.

Therefore, two months after the cyclone, more than 75 percent of the affected population is now re-sheltered and we are also in consistent efforts to shelter the rest as fast as possible. For our part, we are trying our best to restore the broken transportation, provide rice seeds and help farmers plant seasonal fruits, deliver health services, and support the basic foods, clothes and shelters for the urgent and disaster-affected people. In addition, conducting survey projects is on the way to get more concrete data about the damage and loss of the cyclone which in turn can help our relief and rehabilitation activities.

The Cyclone Mocha ERRCA committee would like to deeply recognize and thank all those people and individuals who have helped the Mocha cyclone-affected people of Arakkha morally, physically and financially. At the same time, since there are still many emergency needs and rehabilitation activities to be completed, we would like to request further humanitarian assistance and cooperation in every possible way. In addition, the ERRCA would like to urge the businesspersons, traders, and shopkeepers of construction materials not to sell home-construction items, rice, oil and salt and other basic commodities and medicines at unreasonable prices but to do so at a fair price.

Cyclone Mocha ERRCA

Telegram: @HDCORelief

Telegram: @CycloneMochaERRCA




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