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Response to baseless allegations against the Arakan Army

Response to baseless allegations against the Arakan Army issued by state-run newspapers and the President Office of the Republic of Union of Myanmar dated on June 1, 2020

June 2, 2020

The Burmese regime led by the NLD, before the expiration of its term of office, has continuously stepped up their smear campaign to spread fabricated information and unwarranted accusations against our ULA/AA to be embroiled in political crisis, to be mischaracterized by the international community, and to be branded as a terrorist organization.

Throughout the whole month of May in 2020, the Burmese racist regime and its military have launched their unjustified accusations against our organization for so many times. On 1 June 2020, it was found that they have blindly accused us as a narcotic and violent organization which is linked to drug trafficking. The Burmese regime and its military are attacking us with political dirty tricks.

On the other hand, it has been a long time wherever the Burmese police and the Burmese army have seized the drugs, they have deliberately shifted the blame on our organization. For instance, we have been accused of linking to the record-breaking drug busts in the control area of Kaung-Kha militia on 28 February and 3 March 2020.

It is already known to the world provided by ample evidence that the people’s militia organizations including the Kaung-Kha militia under the command of the Myanmar Army are distributing narcotic drugs produced in the control areas of the Myanmar Army.

In addition, the Burmese regime and its military have been politically attacking their opponents under the pretext of the millions of illicit drugs by displaying various ploys. In Myanmar, the people’s militia organizations are under the control of the Myanmar Army and these organizations are groomed by the Myanmar Army. Therefore, the perpetrator and the true owner of the millions of drugs and the madness drugs found in the control areas of militias is the Myanmar Army.

Their irresponsible sayings “the drugs are related to our organization while the traffickers of the drugs are under arrest with irrefutable evidence” have shown that the Burmese authorities have no integrity at all. But it was just an open attack and blind accusation against us.

There have been many accusations against the Arakan Army by the Myanmar Army and the Myanmar government to shift the blame on us whenever illicit drugs were seized in Myanmar. Our organization has also repeatedly rejected their unwarranted accusations because we have no drug trafficking connections.

Now, we categorically reject their unjustifiable accusations on us and strongly condemn the press release published by the Myanmar government’s newspapers and the president office reference to the statement of the Myanmar police forces. Our organization is fed up with the Burmese racist regime’s use of the smear campaign to spread misinformation, which is just a horrendous political attack.


Arakan Army



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