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Latest News Concerning Prisoners of War from LIB No.7 under the command of the 77th LID

14 March 2020 On 14 March 2020, the total prisoners of war from the LIB No.7 under the command of the 77th LID captured by the Arakan Army have increased to 38 now. Among these prisoners of war two POWs were brutally killed by the increased airstrikes of the Burmese war criminals group, Myanmar Army, and 15 POWs were injured in the battles and by artillery shells. Initially, there were only two critically wounded POWs but right now two more POWs have been added to the emergency list of POWs. Based on humanitarian grounds and complying with international humanitarian laws, the Arakan Army is ready to release these four POWs immediately as already stated in our offering statement. Therefore, the unforeseeable fate and lives of these critically injured POWs are totally depending on military ethics and moral responsibility of their mother organization, Myanmar Army, towards its fellow soldiers even if we want to release them as soon as possible based on the humanitarian considerations.



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