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Battle news on 3 August 2020

Battle news on 3 August 2020

4 August 2020

At about 12 noon on 3 August 2020, clashes broke out for more than one hour between the Arakan Army and joint force of the Myanmar Army and Myanmar Police Force (Border Guard Police) which have been conducting joint military operations under the banner of "Clearance Operations" at the distance of 5.4 kilometers away from the north-east of Kyauk-Pan-Du village in Maungdaw Township, Arakan.

Sixteen troops were killed (eyewitnesses) and some were wounded on the enemy side during the fighting.

The following ammunition were seized from the enemy:

(1) G3 (3) Nos / G3 Magazine (10) Nos

(2) MA 1 (2) Nos / MA 1 Magazine (6) Nos

(3) MA 2 (1) No / MA 2 Magazine (7) Nos

(4) MA 4 (1) No

(5) BA 94 (2) No

(6) Pistol (1) No

(7) Forward mine (1) No

(8) Two Enagars

(9) A total of the cartridge (2835) Nos

(10) 4 phones

(11) 24 lakhs of Kyats.

Six captives were captured during the fighting. Three of them are from the 263rd Light Infantry Battalion based in Buthidaung.

(1) Corporal- Zaw Zaw (48-year-old), Serial Number (BC-864475)

(2) Private- Yee Naing (36-year-old), Serial Number (BC-563439)

(3) Private- Kaung Htet (27-year-old), Serial Number (BC-534449)

The other three are members of the Border Guard Police.

(1) Corporal- Thit Lwin Soe (37-year-old), Serial Number (LA-211148)

(2) Corporal- Tun Kyaw Kyaw (28-year-old), Serial Number (LA-245044)

(3) Private- Mai Wai San (26-year-old), Serial Number (LA-244724)

There were also some moderate injuries on our side. Our Arrakha soldiers and heroes who bravely fought for their fatherland of Arakan and their fellow people during the battles are proudly honoured and greatly recorded.


Arakan Army



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