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Battle News on 22 March 2020 in Arakan

Myanmar’s war criminals, terrorists and imperialists army has been committing war crimes such as torching villages, bombing villages by fighter jets and killing civilians after reimposing internet shutdowns and cutting off the telephone line in Arakan.

1. Beginning at 5:30 am on 22 March 2020, a clash broke out between the Arakan Army and the Light Infantry Battalion No. 564 under the command of 15th Military Operations Command (MOC-15) for about 40 minutes on the Pyin-Shey mountain range 2 km far away from Pyin-Shey village in Buthidaung township. In other words, the fighting occurred in the area 2 km far away to the east of Pa-Lay-Taung village and five enemy soldiers were killed. In addition to these losses, the enemy’s side had also suffered some injuries.

2. Beginning at 11:15 am on 22 March 2020, Myanmar’s war criminals, imperialists and insurgents army has burnt down the whole Tin-Ma village, which has about 800 houses and 4000 population, in Kyauk-Taw township and committed war crimes brazenly and blatantly. We exhort the general public of Arakan to send evidence of war crimes committed by the Myanmar Army to the United League of Arakan/ Arakan Army (ULA/AA).

3. In a similar vein, a fighter jet of the Myanmar Army launched machine-guns and rockets attack towards Yay Chan Wa village in Paletwa township at 12:40 pm on 22 March 2020 without breaking out any fight there. According to reliable sources we received from the eyewitness there, it is learnt that eight houses were destroyed and some civilians were injured.

4. On 22 March of 2020, fighting in the surrounding areas of the enemy’s Mee-wa strategic hilltop post has also continued. There were clashes on the mountain range to the Northwest of Wet Ma village at 16:32 pm and on the mountain range to the east of Pwee Chaung Wa village at 16:40 pm in Paletwa township respectively.

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