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Battle news of Arakan on 26, 27 June 2020

After Myanmar Army announced to conduct "clearance operations" along the Kyauk-Tan village tract, Rathedaung township in Arakan on 24 June 2020, they started to launch the massive offensive assaults against Arakan Army two days later (26, June). As a result, the villagers along the Kyauk-Tan village tract that have been declared their clearance operations are fearfully fleeing their homes and the numbers of Internally Displaced Persons are still rising.

The racial extremist invading Myanmar Army continued firing heavy weapons to the areas of our troops from Htee-Swea village and LIB 536, 537. Since at 9:40 on 26 June 2020, they have been launching the massive offensive attacks with over 300 troops en masse and the artillery fired from three places.

There were fighting between both sides until over 6 pm. Thus, on June 26, fighting broke out almost for the whole day, and a fierce battle ensued.

On 27 June 2020, the Myanmar Army continued to launch their massive offensive assaults as a second day like the previous day.

On 26, 27 June, the Arakan Army was able to completely destroy and defeat the offensive attacks of the Myanmar Army within two days. On those days, over 40 enemies were killed and over 20 were injured by the Arakan Army. There were also some who got medium injured from our side.

The battalions of the Myanmar Army based in Rathedaung that had suffered heavy losses on the battlefield fired into Rathedaung town at 4:40 pm on 27 June based on full of racial hatred. Although there were no entire residents killed and injured, some homes were destroyed and the shells fell and exploded nearby the primary school.

Similarly, Sway-Chaung tactical hilltop of the Myanmar Army which is infamously known as inglorious war criminals and colonial extremists’ army indiscriminately fired the heavy weapons for twenty times into Sone-Oo-Tike village in Ann Township between 8:27 am and 4 pm on 27 June. Similar indiscriminate shooting also occurred on April 8. It is not known how many villagers were killed and wounded in this current time.

In the afternoon on 27 June 2020, while Ma Nann Su went to trap the crabs at the place one kilometer away from the south-west of Sanyin village, her right leg was cut off due to pressing the landmine set up by the Myanmar Army. Ma Nann Su (Karen), 20-year-old, a daughter of U Poe San is in marriage in that village.

We advise the public to pay careful attention when approaching the places they camped and the villages conducted by Myanmar Army because they tended to set up attack-mines, land-mines and lost-mines along the road the civilians are using.

The United League of Arakan/ Arakan Army (ULA/AA) has greatly recorded heinous acts of the Myanmar government and the Myanmar Army on the Arakan civilians, murdering and targeting civilians and villages of the Arakan with heavy and light weapons. We and the oppressed peoples of Arakan will never forget this barbaric and inhumane attack of the Myanmar Army in our hearts.

Our Arrakha soldiers and heroes who bravely fought for their fatherland of Arakan and people by scarifying their lives in these battles are proudly honoured and greatly recorded.


Arakan Army


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Aung Ning Win
Aung Ning Win
Jun 29, 2020


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