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Battle news in Arakan on 19 July 2020

Battle news in Arakan on 19 July 2020

19 July 2020

Myanmar Army started to launch the massive offensive assaults with heavy artillery, aerial bombardment and excessive force into the areas of Arakan Army troops in Rathedaug Township since 16 July 2020. Taking the unilateral ceasefire of the Arakan Army as an opportunity amid the whole world are struggling to prevent and combat the spread of Coronavirus, the Myanmar Army launched the mass offensive attacks in the environs of Kyauk-Tan village tract.

On July 19, it has been the fourth day of the offensive attacks against our troops in the area around Aung Thar Si (Aung Thar Zay) in Rathedaung Township of Arakan.

Similarly, as the enemy has been sending major reinforcements to the battle area, the slight clashes broke out between the Arakan Army and the Myanmar Army which has been sending their reinforcement by waterway in the distance of (1.2) kilometer far from the north of Khaung-Laung-Chaung village in Minbya Township. Then the enemy blindly fired the light and heavy weapons everywhere for almost one hour and about 15 troops from the Myanmar Army side were killed in today’s clashes.

Although we have been keeping fighting not to break out, the consequences and impacts of the battles are the responsibility of the Myanmar Army because they continue to carry out such offensives.


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