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Battle News in Arakan on 13 October 2020

(A small post of us has been relocated as required by tactical maneuvers)

Myanmar Army (aka) the forces of the Burmese racists-fascists-brigands-invaders have constantly and speedily been launching a sea-land-air joint operation in the surrounding area of Kyauk-Tan village in Rathedaung township of Arakan for more than four months during the time of the pandemic. In particular, they have been conducting their months long massive offensive assaults against our troops in the environs closed to Aung-Tha-Ze and Htee Swea (Hti Zwe) villages.

On 13 October 2020, starting at 6:00 am the Burmese racists-fascists-brigands-invaders’ army has conducted massive offensive attacks, shelling from battalions and navy gunboats, aerial strike including military drones dropping bombs against a small post of us which exists at the distance of about 700 meters away from the South-west of Aung Thar-Zay (Aung-Tha-Ze) village or over 1100 meters away from the South-east of Htee Swea (Hti Zwe) village.

The place the Myanmar Army has attacked is the small post that we had temporarily abandoned and reoccupied it from the enemy on 4 October 2020.

Since 5 October 2020, the enemy has kept on attacking that small post with heavy artillery and small weapons for every day and they have conducted massive offensive assaults with the use of sea-land-air joint forces on 13 October 2020. More than 700 troops from the enemy side were used on the ground in this offensive attack.

Two fighter jets came and bombed the area from 9:30 am until 18:00 pm each time about 15 minutes for four times. The Burmese armed forces have been firing and attacking for the whole day starting at 6:00 am, shelling from the navy ships, firing MLRS rockets from Buthidaung tactical command post, and heavy artillery fire from Re-Zoe-Chaung tactical command post.

Some houses in Aung-Tha-Ze and Htee Swea villages have been burnt down and destroyed by non-stop and indiscriminate attacks of the Myanmar Army. Local-residents know about it very well.

With a minimal loss, we relocated that place which was under heavy artillery attacks with excessive forces.

We did not suffer heavy losses except two Arrakha soldiers sacrificed their lives and some were injured in this enemy’s offensive assault on 13 October 2020. More than 40 troops including officials from the invading fascist Myanmar Army were killed again in this battle. The Arakan Army was able to shoot down a military combat drone of the enemy.

Our mobile column is continuing to fight against the Burmese invaders after relocated as required by tactical maneuvers.

In a similar vein, a clash broke out in another area 600 meters away from North-west of Mrauk-Chaung village in Buthidaung township at 17:44 pm on 13 October 2020 that the Myanmar Army (aka) the Burmese fascists-terrorists-invaders’ army has intruded into the controlled territory of our troops. During thirty-minutes fighting, 3 troops of the enemy have been killed in action.

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