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The March 15 statement of the office of the Commander-in-Chief of the Myanmar Armed Forces putting blames on us was an heinous act, and the accounts in the statement was not related to us.

17th March 2020 The statement by the Office of the Myanmar Defense Ministry reported on March 15, 2020 that said "The AA land mine blast created a 2 feet hole and destroyed a steel-reinforced concrete bridge in Buthidaung Township” is totally baseless and we categorically deny any connection with the concocted incident. The Myanmar Army themselves has blasted landmine on the bridge and put blames on us for their own lowly, vile, and dangerous actions. The Myanmar army cut off telecommunications including the Internet services to bring out false and fabricated pieces of news to put blames on us misleadingly. Accusing us with falsified accounts of their own misdeeds is totally dishonest and devoid of any truth. The spread of false and fabricated lies in this week are just the beginning of their media campaign machinery for covering up their war crimes committed on the innocent civilians. The increased transportation of arms and ammunition and troops to Arakan in the coming days by the Myanmar armed forces will only escalate the ongoing fighting in the near future.



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