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April 11, 2020


The Arakan Army, set up on the 10th April 2009, has now completed its 11th year on the 10th April 2020. Facing various challenges, difficulties along with the all-out attacks of the enemy as a revolutionary organization, our interminable resistance has been marching hand in hand with the people under the guidance of the Way of Rakhita laid down by the ULA/AA, with unflagging effort and tenacity, till our common goal of aspirations is achieved.

We salute the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives, sweat, limbs, life’s goals and aspirations for our fellow countrymen and our beloved land in this 11 year-long struggle and national liberation movement of Arakan. We deeply thank those patriots, who helped to build up a national fund, with unflinching patriotic zeal, recognizing the express need of the nation. Our endless gratitude goes to those Arakanese who have staunchly supported our cause from all possible sides, and who we earnestly hope will under rain and sun continue to stand strong beside us.

We are also grateful to those organizations that have given us political support, to those individuals who have shared the strong bond of comradeship, to the great Alliance who have stood beside us with the necessary military support, and to those countless benefactors who have filled up our vacuums. On this very auspicious day we want to express our deep gratitude on behalf of the people of Arakan, to all those individuals and organizations who have extended their helping hands, and we are also pledge-bound to be of any help to you as a token of true camaraderie.

United League of Arakan/Arakan Army


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Dee Oo Mong
Dee Oo Mong
Apr 12, 2020

Keep strong! We'll support as much as we can.

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